Elizabeth: Tattoos to be confident in skin

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Elizabeth: Tattoos to be confident in skin

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Elizabeth: Tattoos to be confident in skin

Avariety of floral and mandala pieces with little do-dads and dotwork here and there. These are the tattoos that adorned the body of Elisabeth the beautiful girl from Philadelphia who is the protagonist of Have a Nice Weekend of this week.

Hello Elizabeth would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi, I’m Elizabeth! I’m a pug momma, living my best life with my born and raised Italian fiancé, Federico.

Where are you from and how old are you?
I’m 26 years young! I’m from the United States, but to be more specific, I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although it feels like I’m not here much because I spend as much time as I can travelling around.

Let’s talk about your tattoos. Who has tattooed you and when did you have your first?
All of my tattoos, except two, have been done by JK (@jktattoony), who is such an incredible and versatile artist! I got my first tattoo in 2015, when I was 21 years old. I still remember how excited I was to finally get my first piece, even though I was a little nuts and thought getting my ditch done to start off my tattoo journey was a good idea (i was totally wrong. so worth it though!)

How you would define the style of your tattoos and why did you choose it?
Honestly, I don’t even really know what I would consider my tattoo style to be other than intricate blackwork!

I originally had a vague idea what I wanted and just added more and more pieces that are consistent with each other.

I’ve always loved sleeves made up of similarly styled pieces spaced next to each other, and I did exactly that, filling it with a variety of floral and mandala pieces with little do-dads and dotwork here and there.

What do you do for a living?
I have just a plain old job! Luckily it’s one where my tattoos weren’t an issue and one that allows me to have a lot of freedom where I can spend a lot of time travelling around which I’m super grateful for.

How do you see tattoo art?
I see tattoo art as a true form of art. We were all given our bodies to do as we please with visually, and I couldn’t imagine any other way I would like to express myself than with permanent pieces of art on my skin. I think it’s a wonderful feeling being able to look down on your body and see a piece that you truly love and that helps express who you are as an individual! Although I know many people get pieces that have specific meanings behind them, I have chosen my pieces because I love the artistic aspect of them. Who doesn’t want their favorite pieces of art on themselves?

What would you suggest about tattooing to the girls who will read this interview?
I would completely encourage anyone to get any type of tattoo you want! Although I know there’s still a certain stigma around tattoos sometimes (which is crazy to me, considering it’s 2020!), I think it’s so important to express yourself and to feel completely comfortable and confident in your skin.

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